Quotes Was skeptical at first. How could Bamboo do what they say. I have a daughter with very smelly feet. Put a pair on her and no more feet smell. Besides comfort these are a complete sock. Quotes

Quotes After walking my first 60 miles in 3 days for the Avon breast cancer foundation, I realized I had the wrong socks. My blisters were so bad that I had to limp across the finish line. The next time I walked, the Susan B. Komem 3-Day, I wore bamboo socks that had an arch support which kept the sock in place, was cooling to my feet and wicked away moisture, keepig my feet dry. Dry, cool feet with no friction from the sock sliding resulted in No Blisters! Quotes

Quotes Great socks, most comfortable I have ever worn. Will make great stocking stuffers Quotes

Quotes WE love these socks. Husband is diabetic and will wear nothing else. Thanks for such a great product Quotes